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Text message marketing also known as SMS (for short message service), is a very effective marketing solution that allows businesses to tap into a resource previously under-­utilized: the vast pool of mobile phone users in your geographical area.

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Mobile phone users are accessible and responsive. If they  know what you have to offer, most of the time they will respond in a very short time.

Mobile messaging has exploded in this country. All you need to do is look around, people are contantly using their mobile devices. A large and ever increasing  number of them are texting, preferring it to actual voice conversations. 97 percent of all SMS marketing messages are opened (83 percent within one hour), according to the latest cell-carrier research data.
With such a high rate of reception, a well designed text message marketing campaign produces immediate results.

You can launch text message marketing campaigns for your business, utilizing our  mobile messaging software.

Our text message marketing campaigns for businesses are an easy, low-cost and highly effective way of bringing customers back to your place again and again.
SMS promotions are popular with bar & restaurant patrons, because they are direct, personalized, and offer them value.
Customers feel like they are insiders when they join your list. They get special offers delivered to the palm of their hand, while you build customer loyalty.
Your clients are already using mobile messaging inside your place of business, so it only makes sense that you get in on the SMS action.We are Miami’s Text Message Marketing Specialists, members of the Local Point Marketing Group®

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